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We teach on Skype. Our username is CarlosHonyakusha. 

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Pricing - Individual Classes

€25 ($30) per hour for students with one weekly class

€22 ($27) per hour for students with two weekly classes or more (let us know before you book!)

Group Classes (get a friend to study together and save money on the process!)

€15 ($18) per hour per student (two-student classes)

€12.5 ($15) per hour per student (three-student classes)

€10 ($12) per hour per student (four-student classes)

This is How We Teach Japanese

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  • Suivi individuel de votre japonais/Asesoramiento de tu japonés

  • Parlons Japonais/Hablemos japonés

    25 euros
  • Lisez, écrivez, parlez, écoutez/Lee, escribe, habla, escucha.

    25 euros
  • Réussir le JLPT/Aprobar el NOKEN

    25 euros

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We offer online and offline services

in Spain, Portugal, Japan, Madagascar, and surrounding areas.

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